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Light fixtures, spotlights, exit lights, and chandeliers are essential elements for the proper functioning of an electrical system in rooms and living quarters as well as non-residential areas.

As a rule, we cannot buy such things for clients as this is a matter of aesthetic taste, but we can advise on certain points.

We can replace lamps and chandeliers, move, mount / dismantle them. (When buying lamps and bulbs, we recommend giving preference to LED lights and paying attention to the "warmth” of the color of the spectrum, power and intensity of illumination.

If it is necessary to dismantle or install heavy chandeliers, we are also always ready to fulfill such an order. Our motto is "Let there be light," and we are proud to bring light to people. We will be grateful for your call.

Call an emergency electrician immediately. We will gladly make repairs in a large room and restore the power supply in an apartment, in a private house, or other place of residence. Among electrical faults, there are often phase disruptions, zeroes, short circuits, voltage surges and drops, phase imbalances, leakage currents, and much more. Finding electrical faults and fixing them is the job of professionals. Entrust this work to us and we will do it with a guarantee. We will be glad to take your call +1 347 697-8844

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