24/7 Emergency Electrical Service

Our Services

Troubleshooting , testing, fixing (fault repair) in case of power outage.

Temporary lights, Lights, chandeliers : dismantling (removing), replacing, installations, fixings

Receptacles, switches, outlets, boxes dismantling (removing), replacing, installations, fixings

Electrical panel boxes : dismantling (removing), replacing, installations, fixings , fault repair

Inspection of electric sistem, Conclusion, professional opinion, fault repair (fixing)

Maintenance of facility by contract.

24/7 Emergency Electrical Service

Lighting and Power

Interior Installations

Building Systems

Sustainable Technologies


Commercial Electrical Service

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Faulty and old wiring

Faulty electrical appliances

Misuse of extension cords

Short circuit and maintenance

Overuse of electricity

Appliances installation and repair

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24/7 Emergency Call : +1 347-697-8844

We Solve Electrical Problems.