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The first step of electrical protection of the premises is 1 pol, 2 pol, 3 pol, and 4 pol full electric breakers. They protect cables from overheating and melting and as a result of fires in the event of short circuits and overload of electrical lines.
The second step of protection is the installation in an electrical panel with ground fault circuit interrupters or differential interrupters. It will protect and help with personal safety, sparks in recepticales, fires.
The third step of protection is full or partial protection of the premises from surges and voltage drops and phase imbalances. This protects all devices and appliances from failure in the event of such accidents. These accidents are rare, but it is extremely difficult to prove that your equipment has burned out due to such an accident.
The fourth step of protection is complete protection of houses and premises, protection against lightning strikes on the electrical system of the house and equipment failure.

Call an emergency electrician immediately. We will gladly make repairs in a large room and restore the power supply in an apartment, in a private house, or other place of residence. Among electrical faults, there are often phase disruptions, zeroes, short circuits, voltage surges and drops, phase imbalances, leakage currents, and much more. Finding electrical faults and fixing them is the job of professionals. Entrust this work to us and we will do it with a guarantee. We will be glad to take your call +1 347 697-8844

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